HADONNE makes the difference. With our licensed surveyors and technicians, our land surveying group brings broad and diverse experience on all types of surveys. We serve hundreds of different clients on projects of all sizes, including route surveying and as-built surveying services for energy, pipeline and well field services, transportation infrastructure, federal clients, aviation, and state and local government. By organizing market specific teams, clients benefit from experienced staff familiar with the unique aspects of their projects.


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HADONNE’s vision throughout the years has been to create a Surveying firm capable of providing a full spectrum of surveying services to our clients. Throughout this journey, we have been able to build a team of experts that have excelled in providing the most viable solutions in their individual areas of expertise yet working together as a nucleus to create a complete surveying support firm.

Land Surveying and Mapping

Design Consultant Support: HADONNE was established with the vision of becoming an invaluable addition to any design consultant without an In-House surveying department, therefore we have been providing surveying services to various Design Consultants throughout the years. HADONNE has the ability to provide the design consultants with a wide variety of services including, but not limited to, land surveying, subsurface utility engineering, and utility coordination.

Municipal Support Service: HADONNE provides surveying services to municipalities in the capacity of designated municipal surveyor as well as on a specific project basis. As designated municipal surveyors, we have completed numerous survey projects for a wide range of public infrastructure projects. HADONNE serves as a compliance review consultant for a number of municipalities.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

HADONNE offers a full range of Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) services to both public and private clients throughout South Florida Our staff of professional utility locators, surveyors and utility coordinators have the expertise required to delivered accurate utility information needed by clients, consulting engineers, contractors and designers to make informed project decision. HADONNE utilizes the latest state-of-the-art vacuum excavation and survey data collection technology including ground penetrating radar (GPR) to obtain the exact horizontal and vertical location of existing utilities in conflict with proposed infrastructure.

Utility Coordination Services

Failure to properly identify and coordinate the disposition of utilities on roadway construction projects can result in millions of dollars’ worth of utility and construction impacts and schedule delays. Effective communication and utility coordination can minimize if not eliminate this risk Hadonne’s experienced utility coordinators working together with FDOT, local, county and city governments, utility companies, engineering and consulting firms can develop practical and cost-effective solutions to all utility conflicts keeping in mind the best interest of all parties involved.

Hadonne has provided in-depth utility coordination services in some of the largest private and public projects through Florida, projects ranging from urban arterials to major limited access facility and design/build projects.

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Golden Glades Interchange (GGI)

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