Failure to properly identify and coordinate the disposition of utilities on roadway construction projects can result in millions of dollars’ worth of utility and construction impacts and schedule delays. Effective communication and utility coordination can minimize if not eliminate this risk   Hadonne’s experienced utility coordinators working together with FDOT, local, county and city governments, utility companies, engineering and consulting firms can develop practical and cost-effective solutions to all utility conflicts keeping in mind the best interest of all parties involved.

Our detailed Utility Coordination process includes:

  • Utility data collection and management
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering – Designation, Locating & Surveys
  • Conflict Analysis and Resolutions
  • Utility Design/Relocation State and Local Agreements
  • Tracking utility relocation activities including design, permitting and construction throughout the life of the project.
  • Site inspection and as-built plans

Hadonne has provided in-depth utility coordination services in some of the largest private and public projects through Florida, projects ranging from urban arterials to major limited access facility and design/build projects


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