HADONNE offers a full range of Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) services to both public and private clients throughout South Florida. Our staff of professional utility locators, surveyors and utility coordinators have the expertise required to delivered accurate utility information needed by clients, consulting engineers, contractors and designers to make informed project decision. HADONNE utilizes the latest state-of-the-art vacuum excavation and survey data collection technology including ground penetrating radar (GPR) to obtain the exact horizontal and vertical location of existing utilities in conflict with proposed infrastructure. Our services can be tailored to the project needs, budget and schedule.

Supporting FDOT Design Consultant: The detail surface and subsurface mapping of utilities during the planning and design phase of a transportation project will result in significant time and cost savings during construction. HADONNE is committed to obtaining accurate survey data on the horizontal and vertical location of all existing facilities. HADONNE will provide the clients with a computer-based drawing file and/or hard copy reports of all data collected in the field. This information will aid the design consultant in making adjustments to their design to reduce if not eliminate costly and timely utility relocation work.

Design Build Projects: HADONNE’s can reduce delays to contractors during highway construction cause by cutting, damaging, or discovering unidentified utility lines. HADONNE’s locating team is composed of damage prevention specialists that average over 6 years of locating experience, resulting in valuable knowledge of utility infrastructure and customer needs. HADONNE can provide “On-The-Spot” locating services to help meet “health and safety” concerns by verifying known or unknown utilities that may or may not be shown on utility drawings or as-builts, as well as locating utilities undetected by the one call system in the area.

Municipal Support: HADONNE can assist county and local municipalities in locating and mapping their above and underground existing facilities including water, sewer, power, gas and telecommunications lines. In addition to surveying the horizontal and vertical location of the lines, our experience locators will collect all available data on the type, size and material. This data collection is the first step in the comprehensive development of any Access Management program by the Utility Agency/Owner.

Private Development: HADONNE provides customized locating and utility mapping services to developers, private institutions and utility companies outside of the One-Call area.

initial investigation process
  • Compliance with Local Authority Procedures
  • Permitting Review
  • Notification of all Affected Utilities
  • Scheduling Review
  • Quality Control Review
  • Obtaining Utility As-Builts
  • Researching Government Permit Files
  • Conducting Field Reviews Detailed Coordination process
detailed coordination process
  • Group Utility Meetings According to Plan Phase
  • Page-by-Page Plan Review at Meetings
  • Determination of Reimbursement to Utilities
  • Review of Utility, Relocation Plans and Estimates
  • Processing/Review Agreements
  • Design Adjustments to Reduce Utility Relocation and Project Construction Time
  • Meetings with Railroad Companies
  • Write and Review Utility Contract Special Provisions
  • Conflict Analysis and Development of Conflict Matrix
  • Utility Constructability Review
  • One-on-One Meetings with Utility Owners
  • Recommendation of SUE Quality Levels
  • Assistance to Client with Project Paperwork
  • Review of Existing Permits or Issue New Permits for
  • Proposed relocation work
  • Meetings with ROW and Construction Departments
  • Utility Constructability Review
  • Final Utility Certifications Post-Design Follow-Up
post-design follow-up
  • Shop Drawing Reviews
  • As-Built Reviews
  • Construction Meetings
  • Claim Settlement
  • Expert Witness
  • Utility Placement Inspection