HADONNE was established in Miami-Dade County in 2001 with the mission to be “unconditionally responsive and honest, consistently knowledgeable, and reliably focused” with the purpose of bringing to reality the vision of our public and private clients.

HADONNE specializes in providing Civil Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, Utility Coordination and Sub-Surface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) services. Over the past decade HADONNE has earned the respect of our peers by striving for excellence on every project while navigating steady growth.

At HADONNE our people make the difference. With our licensed surveyors and technicians, our land-surveying group brings broad and diverse experience on all types of surveys. We serve hundreds of different clients on projects of all sizes, including route surveying and as-built surveying services for energy, pipeline and well field services, transportation infrastructure, federal clients, aviation, and state and local government. By organizing market specific teams, clients benefit from experienced staff familiar with the unique aspects of their projects.

We also leverage the most state-of-the-art technology in the field and office. HADONNE’s survey field crews mobilize in vehicles fully equipped with the latest data collection and communication technology for high-definition surveying.

Our professional services are delivered in the formats our clients require. HADONNE not only owns and operates the latest computer hardware; software and communications technologies, those systems, and software are upgraded regularly so clients benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of the latest enhancements. All business operations are fully integrated with networked administrative computing capabilities, CAD workstations, and sophisticated mapping and plotting.



  • SBE | Small Business Enterprise
  • LDB | Local Developing Business Enterprise
  • 3.01 | Site Development and Parking Lot Design
  • 3.02B | Minor Highway Design
  • 3.09 | Signing, Pavement Marking, and Channelization
  • 6.01 | Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems – Water Distribution
  • 10.01 | Environmental Engineering – Stormwater Drainage Design Engineering Services
  • 15.01 | Land Surveying and Mapping
  • 15.02 | Photogrammetry
  • 15.03 | Underground Utility Location (S.U.E.)
  • 16.00 | General Civil Engineering
  • 17.00 | Engineering Construction Management


  • 8.1 | Control Surveying
  • 8.2 | Design, Right of Way & Construction Surveying
  • 8.4 | Right of Way Mapping


  • LB | Local Business