Design Services
  • Paving and Drainage Plans
  • Storm water calculations
  • Water and Sewer Plans
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans
Permitting Services
  • Permitting assistance
Construction Services
  • Shop Drawing review
  • Product submittal review
  • Site inspections
  • Project Certification
Service Lead


Andre D. Martinez, P.E

+1 (305) 266-1188

Civil Engineering

Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies: We conduct thorough site assessments and feasibility studies to determine the viability and potential of your project. Our experts analyze factors such as site location, topography, soil conditions, and environmental impact to provide you with accurate and informed recommendations.

Conceptual Design and Planning: Our team collaborates with you to develop conceptual designs and plans that align with your vision and goals. We utilize cutting-edge design software and technologies to create detailed layouts, ensuring optimal functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Water Main and Sewer Main Extension Design: We specialize in designing water and sewer main extensions to support the growth and development of communities and infrastructure. Our engineers employ industry-leading practices and standards to design reliable and efficient systems that meet the specific needs of your project.

Water Resource Management: We provide solutions for efficient water resource management, including stormwater management, flood prevention, and sustainable water supply systems. Our engineers employ advanced modeling and analysis techniques to develop strategies that maximize water conservation and minimize environmental impact.

Project Documentation and Permitting: We assist you in preparing comprehensive project documentation and obtaining necessary permits and approvals from relevant regulatory bodies. Our meticulous approach ensures that all required documentation is accurate and complete, facilitating a smooth project execution process.

Construction Administration: Our services extend to construction administration, where we review shop drawings and submittals, provide site inspections ensuring quality control. Our experienced professionals closely monitor the construction site to ensure compliance with design specifications and safety standards. Upon completion our team can lead the certification process to close out the construction process.

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