• Initial Investigation
  • Compliance with Local Authority Procedures
  • Utility Permits Review
  • Notification of all Affected Utilities
  • Scheduling Review
  • Quality Control Review
  • Obtaining Utility As-builts
  • Researching Government Permit Files
  • Conduct Field Reviews
  • Group Utility Meetings According to Plan Phase
  • Page-by-page Plan Review with Utility Agency Owners
  • Determination of Reimbursement to Utilities
  • Review of Utility, Relocation Plans and Estimates
  • Review and Process Utility Agreements
  • Design to Reduce Utility Relocation and Project Construction Time
  • Meetings with Railroad Companies
  • Write and Review Utility Contract Special Provisions
  • Conflict Analysis and Development of Conflict Matrix
  • Utility Constructability Review
  • One-on-one Meetings with Utility Owners
  • Recommendation of SUE Quality Levels
  • Assistance to Client with Project Documentation
  • Review of Existing Permits or Issue New Permits for Proposed Relocation Work
  • Meetings with ROW and Construction Departments
  • Utility Constructability Review
  • Final Utility Certifications
  • Post-design Follow-up
  • Shop Drawing Reviews
  • As-built Reviews
  • Construction Meetings
  • Claim Settlement
  • Expert Witness
  • Utility Placement Inspection
Service Lead


Pedro Ugas

+1 (305) 266-1188

Utility Coordination Services

Utility Coordination: We believe that effective communication between transportation agencies, utility agency owners (UAO), design consultants and municipalities will significantly reduce delays, claims during the construction phase, and guarantee the success of any transportation project. HADONNE’s utility coordination services combine effective communication strategies with technical knowledge and experience to facilitate and support transportation projects during all phases of development and construction.

Supporting FDOT Design Consultant: HADONNE will utilize our knowledge base and experience to aid the Design Consultant in the gathering of all pertinent utility records and as-builts, development of a utility conflict matrix, resolution of all utility conflicts, subordination of utility easements, review of preliminary utility relocation plans, utility design exception, reimbursement of utility relocation costs review/determination, joint project agreements (design/construction), permit administration, constructability review and final utility certification.

Design Build Projects: HADONNE’s Utility Coordinators have collaborated with a number of D/B Firms and UAOs on challenging D/B projects where utility coordination and relocation are part of the critical path of construction. Our experienced coordinators understand the constraints, costs and timeframes associated with the utility relocation process. We can also assist the Design-built Team in developing detail conflict analysis and conflict resolutions, utility relocations schemes, development of utility relocation cost and schedules, negotiating Utility Design-built and Utility Work Agreements and the development of a Utility Work Plan.

Project Development & Environment: Through coordination with the Utility Agency Owners, HADONNE will develop and deliver a comprehensive Utility Assessment Package including Utility records on all existing and proposed facilities, a compensable interest determination and a detail analysis of costs and time associated with each utility relocation task.

Municipal Support: At HADONNE we can assist county and local municipalities with technical support during the negotiation process with FDOT and other transportation agencies during the design and construction phase. By coordinating and managing all utility relocation activities, analysis of relocation impacts, relocation schemes, time, and cost estimates. Monitoring the relocation schedule, verifying quality control procedures, negotiating with other utility companies/agencies, attending associated project meetings, and managing records and correspondence.

Private Development: HADONNE can assist private Developers in the coordination and negotiation process with Utility Agency Owners. HADONNE’s utility coordinators are experienced in working with the FDOT, county and city governments, utility companies, engineering, and consulting firms to expeditiously resolve utility conflicts relocation and/or installation of new facilities as needed to meet the project schedule.

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